Women and Masculinity in Action Films

When I think of masculine women that are in movies it’s always the movies that are action filled hence the genre im discussing. Some movies that come to mind when thinking of this right away are. Kill Bill, Charlie’s Angels, Alien, even the movie Elektra which is based that the lead character (Jennifer Garner) is a assassin that is supposed to take out her target but unwillingly becomes close two them and decides to end up saving them from harm. Now a days when people think of action films they really don’t associate them too much with just men because believe it or not it’s a competitive world out there and women in my opinion are taking on the new role of action hero’s that display their masculinity that women can be just as tough as men and that this world is here to share not be dominated.

During the 1980’ and 90’s women were finally starting to show up in films as being “Badasses”. There was other talk about how men liked women being in films because it was a turn-on to them to see a women portrayed as a badass chick. While doing a little research I found a particular line that pertains to this. “The enormous popularity of women as film enforcers has stirred much debate over what these films say about women, feminism, Hollywood, and violence, and whether it’s progress or exploitation. But no one has answered a more interesting question: What does this say about men? After all, none of the big female hits could have achieved its staggering popularity without nabbing a significant male audience, those same guys who were once the primary consumers of Die Hard, First Blood, and Commando.”( www.washingtonmonthly.com) I really do think it takes a general idea of what an action film is like die hard and commando to understand a woman’s role in the action film genre.

It took a lot of time for women to be able to “normalize” there role in action films. Due to the fact that before the 80’s it was all about how the average white American male is the house holder who works out and is extremely masculine pretty much the bread winner. Well as I can see and the rest of the world things have definitely changed and I think it’s for the better especially if its bringing in a bunch of money.


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