Masculinity Scene Analysis in Action films

There are a couple films I would like to analyze that produce masculinity and produce it the best out of any action movie that I have seen. First I would like to start with the movie “Blood Sport”. The main character is Jean Claude Van Dame who is an American fighter who is trained by one of the best martial artists in the world. He enters a tournament called the kumatay which is an outlawed fighting tournament basically without rules.  The scene I want to look at is the ending scene where he is fighting the last guy. The bad guy has blinding powder in his hand and decides to throw it in Jeans face and makes him blind because the bad guy knows that without that there would be no way he could win. This scene depicts masculinity because Jean learned how to focus and uses his senses even though he was blind making him the ultimate fighting “Man” and not to mention he is in the best shape of his life rock hard body not scared of anything or anyone and not to mention at peace with the world.

The other movie I want to mention is Road house this movie above all shows the depiction of masculinity to the core. Patrick Swayze is a bar bouncer who is mainly warm hearted who doesn’t like to fight, but everyone knows that he’s the “main man” he was once accused of ripping a man’s throat out and if this doesn’t show how masculinity is show in action films or just in general then I don’t know a better example.

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