Scene Analysis Limitless

The scene analysis I decided to do pertaining to editing and Mise en scene which I described before in both of the previous posts is that of the movie limitless I would classify this movie under the genre of an action thriller with tons of suspense. The scene I would like to promote is when he is at his computer writing his book and ideas are flowing out of his brain like seeds in the wind from a wishing dandelion. I thought it was a good use of Mise en scene because of how the director also focused on the room surrounding the character making it seem like his ideas were all over the place, making it feel like if you had this type of knowledge would you possess it also?

The other scene that was brought to my attention was when he was taking the magical drug that made you become smart also had dramatic side effects, when alcohol was involved it created massive black out effects and the camera shots and editing for this made the continuous editing effect come into play. The effect is he is standing in one place and then he is in another place making it seem like time flew by without a second going by but it would normally take 20 minutes if you were sober type deal. The effect is a great Mise en scene process because it involves editing and lighting and many different types of stand in characters. For me it was a fun process to analysis this.|CX2587600073&contentSet=GALE|CX2587600073&

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