When I think of editing the only thing that comes to my head is the way film or digital media is processed to make it look like a work of art, or a piece of expression by getting rid of all the unnecessary elements of the film. “The film editor reviews all of the footage shot on a production, selects the best takes of individual shots, and then orders these to produce an edited sequence that will convey the narrative action and emotion of the films scenes. To accomplish this editor must review footage trying to shape it into something special.” Shots also consist of editing like fades in and out, wipes, and dissolves.

            Now that we have a grasp on what editing involves to a minor extent I want to use the example above of the movie “Face-Off”. If I were to choose a type of editing the picture above represents it would be focused on graphic match. This can be defined as one picture fading into another picture representing the same figure becoming one whole picture as the final product. I thought it was interesting in the book how Bordwell and Thomson explained in clips of the movie “Alien” on how her face shape laying on the pillow fading into a picture of the earth. I find that similar to this picture because they take two characters like John Travolta and Nicolas Cage and make it look like they are one person. When in the movie Nick is the bad guy and John is the good guy they switch positions and the good guy is now the bad guy and the bad guy is now the good guy. And in the end of course the bad guy loses and the good guy wins. From all that chaos though you get a sense from the editing not just from the poster but from the movie as well when they are taking their faces off from the operating room to the recovery room the transitions are smooth and give a sense of suspense to what’s going on.

            In a broad view of it editing is a way to make something out of nothing. It’s where the magic is made when it comes to films and shows. It’s the sounds the everything that’s going on throughout the final product. It was interesting exploring different aspects of it.


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