The Use of Mise en Scene In Action Films

           “Mise-en-scène is generated by the construction of shots and the ways that they lead to visual coherence, across the edits from shot to shot. It includes all the elements in front of the camera that compose a shot: lighting; use of black and white or color; placement of characters in the scene; design of elements within the shot (part of the process of production design); placement of camera vis-à-vis characters in the set; movement of camera and/or actors; composition of the shot as a whole—how it is framed and what is in the frame. Even music may be considered part of Mise-en-scène. While not seen, at its best music enhances the visual and narrative construction of the shot.”

            Now that we have an brief understanding of what Mise en scene is we can move forward to talking about a specific film that produces this well. The one movie that stands on to me the most for Mise en scene is the movie “Last Action Hero” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The movie itself is a very visually stimulating movie and what makes me believe that this is a good example of Mise en scene is the way the director John McTiernan created a world of fantasy and reality and a real world that crossed over to fantasy. For instance in the scene when Danny the main character besides Arnold, has already used the magically ticket that places people in the movies and doesn’t matter what they are watching hence the real world to fantasy. Now everyone in the fantasy world believes that they are living a normal life when they are just characters. Danny tries to explain to Arnold “Jack” that the movie poster of Sylvester Stallone in the Terminator 2 was supposed to be him in real life and Arnold “Jack” plays it off as “oh I love that guy he’s a really good actor”

            Through-out the movie I personally loved the use of props and different characters, it gives you a feel as if you actually did walk into a magical world of the movies and it keeps you on the edge of your seat because there is pauses and action pauses and action throughout the entire film. I would have to say my favorite moment in the entire movie that makes me remember this every time, is the one scene when the one mob boss is having his funeral on the top of the building and “Jack” goes to defuse the body and the entire mob family including elderly women and men all were packing heat from handguns to shotguns to machine guns I thought this was a funny moment which also is a stimulating moment which makes me never forget and that is how I see Mise en scene in a film and this is why I think that Last action hero is a great movie to analyze because its jam packed with multiple scenes and props. I still probably have missed certain aspects of the film that’s how fast paced it is.|CX2587600130&&docId=GALE|CX2587600130&docType=GALE

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