Scene Analysis “Terminator 2”

ImageImageThe scene I chose to do an analysis on was the scene from terminator 2 when he (Arnold) is fending off the police when they break into the lab as a group. I chose the mini-gun scene because to me that was the most intense scene I have ever seen when I was growing up as a child. I still quote the helicopter pilot with what he says before Arnold goes crazy on the cops. This scene was shot from so many different angles and perspectives and it gave off the aroma of feeling like you were actually at a battle or war in just a parking lot setting. As soon as Arnold pushes that desk through the window you know all hell is going to break loose, especially when you hear “That’s a damn mini-gun” a mini-gun is usually attached to a vehicle of some sort and would be extremely heavy and probably unobtainable to hold which makes this scene even more action packed and a manly type of film. Without a question this goes down in my top ten action packed scenes of all time. It still blows my mind to this day and that movie was made in the 90’s with turn of the century technology that looked absolutely amazing for its time. I remember watching this on laser disc format and thinking that it was so crisp and awesome and even the sound was better with that. Until dvd of course came about then that changed everything as well. Terminator 2 is one of the best action packed movies of its time and I think will still hold its ground with time to come.  

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